Concert Night In Austin!

Need a new web host

Moron of the week

Here’s a late night post because Lord only knows how busy I’ll be tomorrow. Before I recant today’s events a small round of applause as I managed to get all the old entries reloaded. There’s still a bit of reformatting & relinking that needs to be done (a new MT database means all the individual […]

plug me back in please

Monday Morning Blog

Paris Hilton & Rick Salomon: A Photo Essay

I tried, I really did. I promised you dear readers that I wasn’t going to do it. Well curiosity got the best of me (that and the need for some sort of blog entry) so I sat down and watched the Paris Hilton three minute preview. I won’t attempt a critique, the ladies have said […]

Movie Review – Once Upon A Time In Mexico

recap: nip/tuck episode 5

Sorry for the late posting, but this was one of the entries lost during the break-in. I’ve done my best to rewrite from memory. Last week on Nip/Tuck… Christian discovers the competition while test driving a Lamborghini, Sean feels icky about the new porn star clientele, Matt adds “fluffer” to his list of vocabulary words […]