Interview on NBC Action News, Kansas City for D2WC

Today kicks off the pre-con workshops for D2WC, and I joined Kevin Stohlmeyer for a quick interview with the local Kansas City NBC affiliate. Dallas/Fort Worth are you listening? Let’s get our creative community fired up!!! As much as I enjoy being on the road, it will be great to get home to the family […]

Top Five Reasons to Attend D2W 2011

Good morning everyone! The conference season is upon us. Less than ten days away is the D2W Conference in Kansas City, MO scheduled July 14-16. This annual event has quickly become a sought after source of designer & developer workflow goodness. That being said, here are the Top Five Reasons to attend D2W: InDesign to […]

How To Use Layer Comps to Organize Designs in Photoshop – I Create Content #8

If you’re reading this then that means you’re catching me on a better faster webserver. I want to thank @VSellis for connecting me with @Orangecast as my WordPress setup is screaming fast compared to my old host. Speed baby! Yeah!!! Alrighty, on today’s episode we’re talking Layer Comps in Photoshop. If you’re not using them, […]

Tip Tuesday – 08/17/2010

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you that it’s okay to destroy pixels. Sometimes making a composite image doesn’t require fancy layer masks or clipping paths, a good ole Eraser tool will do just fine. Have a look.

Effective Use of Lightroom Identity Plates


Which Lightroom Catalog is it? Identity Plates in Lightroom allow you to quickly recognize which catalog you are working in. If you live in multiple catalogs this can be extremely useful. (And if you use Lightroom to present images to your clients, the added branding always helps)

The Award for Worst Adobe Keyboard Shortcut

Hola dear readers! How are you today? Maybe it’s the classes I’m teaching today (Dreamweaver then Lightroom), but I’ve got keyboard shortcuts on the brain. Here are some quick observations: 1. Why are the Preferences in Dreamweaver activated by CMD+U (CTRL+U) and not CMD+K (CTRL+K)? Was Dreamweaver Uninvited to the preferences party by InDesign, Photoshop […]