How To Sharpen an Image in Photoshop with Smart Filters and Luminosity Sharpening – I Create Content #5

After a crazy day with no power, it’s good to be back in the studio crankin’ out another episode of the show. Today, we continue to showcase the power of Smart Filters and go through a quick tutorial on Luminosity Sharpening in Photoshop.

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Find Offline or Missing Images Photos in Lightroom – I Create Content #3

We wrap up one week of shows, three episodes in the can. Today’s deal is brought to you by Jason Anderson the host of the Learning Digital Photography podcast and infamous Canon Blogger. Jason has just released the Photographer’s DIY Legal Kit, a series of contracts every photographer should have in their camera bag. The price is $30, but viewers can use code DIY2011 for a limited time to get the kit for only $15. Go grab yourself a copy today.

Today’s tutorial is a fairly common issue that plagues new users of Lightroom. “Why are my images offline or missing?” Hope you find my walkthrough useful as I show you the right way & the wrong ways to manage photos in Lightroom.