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2023-10-01 – Added Firefly to list of resources

2021-12-30 – Organized page similar to What’s New with CC post. Updated HelpX links for CC Express, Substance apps, and Aero.

2021-08-30 – Moved Dimension to archived list.

2020-10-30 – Added Illustrator iPad to applications list.

2019-11-01 – Added Fresco, Aero, and Photoshop iPad to applications list.

2019-02-04 – Added a new section for application resources, and included the Photoshop performance guide.

The Creative Cloud Learning Center provides tutorials for the growing portfolio of CC apps. Be sure to bookmark this page as I update it as new apps are released or links change on

Creative Cloud Tutorials | Creative Cloud for Enterprise Learning Hub | Enterprise IT Resources for Creative Cloud

The following applications are sorted by general category. I realize Photoshop can be used for drawing, Dimension can be used for compositing, etc. As the Adobe app portfolio continues to grow on desktop and mobile readers have found one long list of apps hard to decipher.

Generative AI

Photography, Compositing, Design
Photoshop | Photoshop iPadLightroom ClassicLightroom

Drawing, Design Layout
Creative Cloud Express | Fresco | Illustrator | Illustrator iPadInDesign | InCopy

UX, PDF, Animation, Web
Adobe XD | Acrobat DC | Animate | Dreamweaver

Video, Motion Graphics, Audio
Premiere Pro | Premiere RushAfter Effects | Character Animator | Audition

The following resources link to direct responses to application specific questions, e.g., performance, KB articles, etc.

Optimizing Photoshop Performance | How to Setup Kyle Webster’s Brushes

The following applications are not included with a Creative Cloud subscription.

3D/AR – Visualization, Design, Materials
Substance Sampler | Substance Designer | Substance Painter | Substance Stager | Aero

eLearning, Print & Publishing
Captivate | FrameMaker | RoboHelp

The following applications are EOL (end of life), but still have tutorial content. This list changes to reflect only product tutorials available on

Muse | Speedgrade | Dimension


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