Oct 2012 Issue of Photoshop User Magazine feature article by AJ WoodHere is a growing collection of published articles, guest posts, and various media I’ve created over the past years. Where possible, I’ve created PDF renditions of URLs no longer available.

Scott Kelby | Photoshop Insider
Be Ambitious. Be Humble.

Adobe Inspire Magazine (PDF Article Download)
First Look: Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad

How Photographers Can Copyright, Manage & Protect Their Images

How Do You Plan to Dominate The World?

Photoshop User Magazine (PDF Article Downloads)
Thank you to Kelby One for allowing me to share these articles on my website.

Easily Share Your Photos with Publish Services

Customizing InDesign Layouts with Data Merge

From Lightroom to Your iPad with Publish Services

Portrait Retouching in the Develop Module


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