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The Creative Cloud Learning Center provides tutorials for the growing portfolio of CC apps. Be sure to bookmark this page as I update it as new apps are released or links change on

Creative Cloud Tutorials | Creative Cloud for Enterprise Learning Hub | Enterprise IT Resources for Creative Cloud


Photoshop | Photoshop iPadLightroom ClassicLightroom

Dimension | AeroIllustrator | FrescoInDesign | Acrobat DC

Adobe XD | Dreamweaver | Animate | Spark

Premiere Pro | Premiere RushAfter Effects | Character Animator | Audition

The following resources link to direct responses to application specific questions, e.g., performance, KB articles, etc.

Optimizing Photoshop Performance | How to Setup Kyle Webster’s Brushes

The following applications are EOL (end of life), but still have tutorial content. This list changes to reflect only product tutorials available on

Muse | Speedgrade


Check Current Status of Creative Cloud

2019-11-01 – Added Fresco, Aero, and Photoshop iPad to applications list.

2019-02-04 – Added a new section for application resources, and included the Photoshop performance guide.

CC App Icons

What’s New in Creative Cloud – Keep Track of Continuing Updates

A primary benefit of Creative Cloud is the ongoing feature releases for desktop apps. It can be tough keeping up with every release so I’ve provided a list of popular CC apps with links to their “What’s New” feature timeline. Be sure to bookmark this page as I continually update it with new app releases, and changes to the permanent links on

== Check Current Status of Creative Cloud ==


Creative Cloud | Creative Cloud Desktop App

Photoshop | Photoshop iPadLightroom Classic | Lightroom | Bridge

Dimension | Aero | Illustrator | FrescoInDesign | Acrobat DC

Adobe XD | Dreamweaver | Animate |

Premiere Pro | Premiere Rush | After Effects | Character Animator | Audition

Kyle Webster Brushes | How to Setup Kyle Webster’s Brushes

The following applications are EOL (end of life). You may continue to use, but there is no ongoing support.

Muse | Speedgrade | Fireworks | Encore | Edge Animate

2019-11-01 – Added Fresco, Aero, and Photoshop iPad to applications list.

2019-01-24 – Updated URL for Kyle Webster brushes, and added how to install reference link.

Upcoming Adobe Webinars – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about some great Adobe webinars coming up in the spring. Imagine having not one but FIVE Adobe professionals on hand to answer your questions. Learn some cool tips & tricks you can use right away in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. I’ve been invited by Pariah Burke to join him and some of the best in the industry to give you a webinar unlike anything out there. Here’s a breakdown of the events:

The Photoshop 3×5 panel consists of Pariah Burke, April Clark, Shellie Hall & yours truly.

The InDesign 3×5 panel consists of Pariah Burke, April Clark, Bob Levine, Claudia McCue & myself.

The Illustrator 3×5 panel consists of Pariah Burke, Sandee Cohen, Von Glitschka, Sharon Steuer & Jean-Claude Tremblay

Early bird pricing is just $49 until March 15th. Regular ticket price is $99, and groups of five or more can receive a $20 discount on the regular ticket price. It’s easily the best deal for online training happening right now so go sign up for your favorites–Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign–before the webinars sell out.

New Video Tutorials on Layers Magazine & PSD Tuts+

Good morning everyone!

It seems like an eternity since I’ve posted on the blog. Thanks for keeping up-to-date with events through my YouTube channel, G+ & Facebook. We’re still ironing out tech issues here, but I think it’s safe to start posting again. *crosses fingers & toes*

As many of you know I’ve been keeping busy creating content for a number of folks. This week I’m excited to share that I have video tutorials delivered to Layers Magazine & PSD Tuts+. You can catch my Illustrator tutorial on Pen Tricks which was posted yesterday, and I’ll be sure to link the other tutorials as they’re posted online. If you’re antsy for my latest YouTube video, don’t fret Episode #50 is coming soon. It takes more than a computer meltdown, leaky roof & water damage to keep me away from recording.

Thanks to everyone that has been submitting suggestions for tutorials. You can always post here, or leave me comments on YouTube, G+ & Facebook.