• Max Headroom for the new millenium

  • “The new spacesuit designer at NASA cited his major influence to be Cubism”

  • michael stipe doesnt quiet understand the idea of an REM box set.

  • Caleb   Reply →

    Jack’s sense of self is trapped, confined if you will, in the box. To graduate to a higher level of self, one must “think outside the box.”

  • “I’m the man in the box, buried in my shit, Won’t you come and save me….save me…”

  • lol @ tony

  • “thinking INSIDE the box”

  • or how about:

    “if you dont subscribe to my magazine, we’ll crush this guy’s skull”

  • get a grip on divine mind.

  • Windex. It just makes you look…better.

  • “And then, after you die, we put your head in this box so we can preserve your brain and bring you back to life later. This man, of course is not dead. We just put his head in the box for shits and giggles.”

  • Amy   Reply →

    Ok, since EVERYONE seems to be overlooking the obvious….
    it’s a man in THE box.
    hello?? why are everyone’s minds outside the gutter??? 🙂

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