Create a Rock Texture in Photoshop CS5

WOW. Where has the year gone? To kick off November you’ll find two new videos. Today’s tutorial demonstrates the Lighting Effects filter, something that appears to be missing if you’re running a Mac. That’s because to use some menu items & plugins on a Mac, you’ll need to run Photoshop CS5 in 32-bit mode. I’ve linked the main tutorial to the 64-bit to 32-bit conversion video using YouTube’s annotation feature. That way, if you want to jump between the lessons you can, otherwise you can watch each video in it’s entirety. Enjoy today’s lesson!

Photoshop Keyboard Tips & Tricks using Option / ALT Keys

Alright, so technically this is Tip Tuesday the “Wednesday Edition”. It’s been a crazy travel week. As you may know this week kicked off AdobeMAX. I was briefly in LA, but had to miss all the fun to return to Dallas. I have lots of client projects I’m wrapping up and I actually thought TODAY was Tuesday. So there’s the backstory, let’s jump into today’s quick tip using the OPT/ALT keys in Photoshop: