Lazy weekend…

Michelle & I kicked off our weekend at GameWorks where we joined Geoff for a belated birthday celebration. (His birthday was Sept 11th) Will post those pictures later today.

Been pretty lazy ever since. Yesterday we ran a couple of errands, e.g. groceries & knick knacks for the house, then we somehow got sucked into a Real World marathon for the rest of the evening. We made a channel change well after 9pm when I threw in “Pitch Black” with Vin Diesel. Cool movie, MUCH better if you watch the Director’s Cut. It was a late night and Michelle’s still sleepin’ it off… *wicked grin*

Right now there’s NFL games playin’ in the background while I check out the latest on the `Net.

I got some great feedback over at the Oish forums about my website. In response to what was said I will be doing more work on the photo albums this week. For those who don’t know I converted all my original albums from a CGI script (written by Mark) to a PHP module by Gallery. I’ve been able to repost a lot of my pictures, but there are more recent photos that I need to get up here.

Look for photo links to come back to the Who’s Who section as well as some newer photos.

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