Make it stop…

…this pounding in my head won’t go away. I’m not gonna say it’s a migraine `cause I’d be unable to sit here yappin’ away about the pain. I’m probably just dehydrated, been on the computer all day. Spent my six hours online completing my Defensive Driver course – yeah! Glad that’s over with, glad that I won’t be getting any more speeding tickets racing down to San Antonio now that Michelle will be here.

Speaking of which, we’re only two days away before the our Dallas adventures begin. The weekend should be intense, as Michelle’s drivin’ up here Thursday so we can turn around and drive back to San Antonio that same night. This prevents us having an extra car while we move, but she’s sure to be tired after 8 hours on the road.

We’ll spend Friday finishing any packing and getting the truck loaded. With a little luck we hope to get started back to Dallas Friday evening, but I’m thinkin’ it will be an early Saturday start. Round out the weekend with some unpacking (and hopefully time to watch some NFL games) and we’ll both be passed out when Monday comes around.

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