Need more sleep…

I’m fixin’ to need a full week’s sleep after this weekend is over.

Michelle came up Thursday like we planned, but we didn’t leave Dallas until 9pm which put us back in SA after 1:30am. We crashed pretty hard (and I could have slept until Noon), but we pulled ourselves together at 9am to go get the U-Haul truck. The pickup went well and we spent the rest of the afternoon loading the truck.

We finished loading stuff from a storage unit Michelle had at about 3:30pm, but then we had to get the rest of her furniture from her parent’s house. There was a momentary pause while we waited for her father to get home so he could help us load Michelle’s GINORMOUS bedroom cabinets (Thanks Pops!).

After wrapping up at the house we got on the road and grabbed some dinner just outside of San Antonio. It was almost 9:30pm before we started heading north again so needless to say we didn’t arrive here until close to 3am. (The truck was VERY slow)

Add-in the hour or so that we spent getting settled kittens once we were here and I think we crashed somewhere after 4:30am. Michelle’s still sleepin’ it off, me I’m plannin’ our attack today as we still have a truck full of stuff to unload… Aack!

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