Today’s Key Phrases

Hmmm… so searches for my site aren’t as clever as “slimy gross nasty soup pictures“, but I thought I’d share a few of today’s successful search phrases:

snowball fight
femme fatal
happy drunks
jumping away
cat with beer
punk kittens
lake lewisville party pics
largest identity theft in history
john madden impersonations


It was the largest identity theft in history. It took place amidst some happy drunks who gotcrack just in time to see a kangaroo jumping away from this femme fatal slam-dancing which probably made for some great lake lewisville party pics, but then punk kittens doing john madden impersonations only make sense to a cat with beer recovering from last night’s snowball fight.

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  • raymi December 5, 2002   Reply →

    hi. i don’t know anything about anything. it’s true. and i have herpes.

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