And Your Here Because?

Sarah needs a new title. I need a new layout. Will it make that much of a difference to you? There aren’t many sites that I look at on the `net (I just don’t have the time), but the ones I do it’s strictly due to content. Whether it’s cool photos, great writing, good music or just new faces, I might have a comment about the design, but I certainly wouldn’t stop visiting a site because of it.

I know a lot of sites out there have excellent design, MUCH better than anything I do here. But then a lot of sites have nothing to say, but “WOW, look at the really kewl design I made” or “Brand new layout – Woot!” If that’s all a site has to offer my interest is lost pretty quick.

Sarah’s site reminds me of those yummy chocolate oranges my Mom has over the holidays. Who cares about the shiny foil wrapper? It’s all about the chocolate baby.

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  • Sarah December 7, 2002   Reply →

    I probably actually need a new title AND a new design..:o) but its okay. Thanks for the defense–and the compliment of my content being what matters more than what it looks like. :o)

    I have to agree with you–the most beautiful design in the world doesn’t mean anything if you have nothing interesting to say, nothing interesting to show, and a trite voice.

    And I’d say that your design is pretty basic and that’s totally cool that your focus is on your content. I’d rather look at a plain site with cute cute pictures of twin toddlers and content written in a voice that is both optomistic and has a sense of humor.


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