Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

birthday pictureMichelle with stuffed cowDecember birthdays can be a drag especially when folks give you the combined “this is your birthday AND your Christmas gift” speech. But not today. My baby will be spoiled.

Michelle woke up this morning to find some birthday cards from her sister & myself along side a stuffed cow. (Michelle LOVES cows) I just dropped her off to get a manicure and after lunch I’ll take her to the spa for a stone massage. We’ll kick back this afternoon before heading out tonight for dinner at The Melting Pot an excellent fondue restaraunt. (Hmmm… chocolate covered strawberries)

My baby receives only the best. Heh, and it isn’t even Christmas yet… *snicker*

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  • Jennifer and Kendall York December 17, 2002   Reply →

    Happy Birthday Girl. Hope you have a great one!!!

    Jennifer and Kendall

  • tony December 17, 2002   Reply →

    happy birthday michelle!

    im sure you will be treated ultra-wonderfully.



  • Amy December 17, 2002   Reply →

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am sooooo jealous of your massage! I’m sure you will have a wonderful birthday and have lots of pics and stories to share. 🙂

  • kristin December 17, 2002   Reply →

    happy birthday michelle!

    i’m totally feeling ya on the birthday too close to christmas thing.. mine’s the 20th.

    i thnk the one present, two holiday thing should be illegal. let’s work on that.

    have fun!


  • Geoff and Kat December 17, 2002   Reply →

    Hope your BDay goes off with a bang! We are sure we will find time to celebrate together soon, even if the holidays are poorly timed.

    Make the best of the day, the weather is beautiful!

    All our best.

  • Bill and Josie December 17, 2002   Reply →

    Tried calling you but AJ’s cell must be turned off. That’s the way to have a real nice dinner.


  • Fred December 17, 2002   Reply →

    Happy Birthday Michelle!! Sounds like your going to have a great day. Your BDay may be close to Christmas, but at least it doesn’t feel like it today.


  • Jen December 18, 2002   Reply →

    Awwww very happy B-day 🙂

    Glad I got to see you guys before you get too old to leave the house….soooo jk 🙂

  • Charles December 18, 2002   Reply →

    Hmmm…ok, a day late but I said Happy Birthday to ya in an e-mail to A.J. the other day, so that makes up for it, no? 🙂

    Anyway, hope you had a good time!

  • Mark Holbert December 19, 2002   Reply →

    Opps, we had your birthday off in celebration and didn’t write you a note!

    Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!

    The AZCrew

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