Happy Birthday Kristin!!!

birthday sign for kristinI am not a morning person. Everyday our alarm goes off at 5am. A battle ensues shortly thereafter with the snooze bar, sometime it drags on for 30 minutes. Inevitably Michelle gets up and starts getting ready for her day. I pull the covers over my head in the hopes of catching another hour worth of sleep which ends the moment I drift off.

I rise and take care of the gatos who have taken turns watching me sleep and distracting Michelle while she puts on her makeup. Five bowls are set out and there’s a cat fiesta in the kitchen. While throwing together breakfast for Michelle we go through a checklist of items to be sure she’s not forgetting anything. I walk her out to her car and kiss her goodbye all the while trying to appear bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She knows I’m actually sleep-walking which is why she bombards me with questions because it makes her laugh when I mumble so early in the morning.

Today she reminded me that it’s Kristin’s birthday. I fiddled with the camera and snapped off a picture (Beauty & The Beast). Go visit the mad pony girls and wish Kristin a “Happy Birthday!” too.

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