Venting is good

funny pictureThanks to all the peoples that listened as I vented out the frustrations of these past two weeks. I feel better knowing that I have the love of a good woman and I hang with some of the best people around.

Of course, it’s hard to be angry for long as the reality is everyone has problems at some point or another. And maybe there’s some truth to soaking up the experiences from your journey instead of focusing on the destination. I’m just glad that there were folks to lean on when everything got a little too much for me.

Burned off some of the stress at the gym these past two days. Looks like all that cardio work is starting to pay off. Managed an hour on the treadmill a HUGE improvement from when Michelle & I joined last year. Nothing like some good old fashion RAGE to give you that focused intensity needed for a better workout. Combine that with limited cash funds (Ramen noodles anyone?) and I’m sure I’ll be down to a slim 155lbs in the upcoming months.

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  • Jen January 16, 2003   Reply →

    Ramen noodles? Add to cart.

    funny azz picture

  • Dan the Goose January 17, 2003   Reply →

    God I love ramen. Funny story about that. Another time though.

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