Cell Phones Don’t Kill People…

OK, I have to type quickly this morning as I’m sitting in class and the instructor will certainly call on me for something – BUT I had to get off this rant:

Cell phones don’t kill people – STUPID IGNORANT DUMBASS DRIVERS DO.

On my way to class this morning I was sitting at an intersection waiting to turn onto the highway. I was a few cars back and the light was red so I knew I wouldn’t be getting anywhere in a hurry.

I heard an ambulance siren behind me and saw the paramedics pull up on the left side of traffic. Then they stopped… not because they wanted to, but simply because the jackass sitting in the left turn lane was on a cell phone and refused to move out of the way.

Now I’m thinkin’ how can you NOT hear the siren screaming directly behind you? At the 30 second point, the ambulance started honking its horn. How the hell do you ignore that? Sirens screaming, horn honking, ambulance DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU and you still don’t move?

The paramedic even got out of the ambulance, walked up to the car and banged on the driver’s window. I couldn’t see if the person was still talking or not, but would you believe that even after that they still didn’t move?

It was not until the light changed, that the driver moved forward enough for the paramedics to pull around them.

I tried to catch the license plate number, but I just couldn’t see it. I hope Karma comes around today and just beats the crap out of that @sshole.

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  • Sarah February 5, 2003   Reply →

    Wow that’s incredibly disgusting. How can anybody have that much disrespect for human life?

    I’m sure that the paramedic, if he took the time to get out and knock, also took the time to write the plate numbers down.

    I just hope that nobody died or wound up in condition more critical than they needed to be in because of this.

  • A.J. Wood February 5, 2003   Reply →

    I got annoyed for two reasons. First the jerk didn’t move. Second, recent public opinions would argue “This is why we should ban cell phones in cars.”

    I think the driver was stupid regardless of what he was doing. He wasn’t paying attention period and the cell phone could have easily been a breakfast croissant from BK.

    I firmly believe there are those people who can multi-task and those that can’t. I get annoyed when the many lose privileges based on the stupidity of the few.

    As for the driver, I also hope the paramedics took the time to write his plate number down. Better yet, I hope I see that same jerk on my way to class tomorrow.

  • Amy February 6, 2003   Reply →

    Man, that guy needs a sucker punch to the face;maybe it will knock some sense into that idiot. I just don’t understand how people can be that way, no guilt or shame. They say, “What goes around , comes around”.

  • Charles February 7, 2003   Reply →

    Karma-wise, it would be perfectly appropriate if he ends up being the patient in the ambulence next time this happens…in the middle of a massive coronary.

    Or perhaps his excessive cellphone use will end up giving him a tumor of some sort? One can dream…

  • Arnold February 16, 2003   Reply →


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