Did we not learn anything from prohibition?

Dawn posted yesterday about the Dell dude getting busted for marijuana possession and the strong focus on marijuana in the new anti-drug campaigns. Her post was well written and I won’t rehash what she said. I just wanted to add that the ads that really made me angry were the ones that linked drug use to terrorism. That’s pretty lame. It’s bad enough the government has a “terror alert” every other week (with no clear action plan mind you), but are they really running out of ideas for this holy crusade? I thought those ads were even less credible tying them to pot smoking. Please… have you ever seen a violent pot smoker?

Personally, I think their “war” generates too much revenue for them to give it up. I agree with what Dawn said in her post. Like Greg, I know plenty of people who don’t fit the stereotypical pot-smoker “duuuuude!” mold. Hell, I know plenty of hardcore Republicans that smoke daily which makes me wonder sometimes who’s actually keeping this war alive? As Dan Savage pointed out in covering the Aaron Palmer trial, there are a lot of people who have tried pot at least once in their lifetime. Marijuana certainly has more positive benefits then nicotine and isn’t responsible for as many deaths.

OK, that’s about all I can ramble this morning.

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  • Rick Lay February 14, 2003   Reply →

    Growing and using marijuauna for personal use is legal in the Australian Capitol Territory (like the DC in Washington DC) http://www.marijuananews.com/marijuananews/cowan/two_year_national_marijuana_stud.htm I met a guy who has an elaborate hydroponic system and a bush in his backyard. He smokes once a day to take the edge off. Interestingly enough, he is a vegatarian and is in reasonably good shape. He also claims to be the last of his friends who haven’t gotten “over it.” The point he made to me is that once it’s legal, people get into it for a while…. then only the die hards actually continue growing their own plants.

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