The Future of Sprint PCS Picture Phones

Samsung 5300 Camera PhoneOK, I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought I could get in front of a Sprint Executive and sell them on my big idea. Actually, it’s not THAT bright a light bulb, but rather a statement of the obvious. So here goes…

If Sprint, T-Mobile & company want to gain some market share with their new picture phones then they should pay attention to what bloggers & the webcam community are doing. Right now you can only use e-mail to send a picture, but if these companies were smart they would quickly integrate FTP or some other protocol so a cell phone would act much like a webcam EXCEPT it would be totally wireless.

Sure if you have a laptop or PDA you can upload a digital picture then use some wireless interface to connect said device to the `Net, but who’s actually going to be carrying all that hardware when a really cool spontaneous moment happens? Imagine if you could post a picture from anywhere within 60 seconds, now that’s something. Maybe the quality of the pictures isn’t great, but who cares – CAM GIRLS get all kinds of traffic regardless of the technology they use.

Getting the most out of your wireless plan will be tough. They’ll have to incorporate more minutes as I’m sure some cutting edge porn site will get the idea that they can do mobile peep shows and the like. Of course the government would then be forced to write a law stating “picture taking using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle will be punishable by stoning said stupid person”… but I digress.

I’m sure there is a way to incorporate picture phones now, but we’re talking a whole lot of programming overhead just to post a picture on a website. Well, I’ve rambled enough. Time to get some dinner then kick back in front of the TV for a while. Be sure to let Sprint know where to send the royalty checks… yeah, like that will happen.

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  • Rene October 24, 2003   Reply →

    I am a businessman who travels a lot out side the USA. I need to be able to text my business partners if possible, but my Sprint phone has no international capabilities. Is there any new mode;s coming in the future so business men like me can get the best out of my phone plan.


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