Oops, just a minor design flaw…

Well, in my haste to get the layout changed and rewrite all the Frames pages, Ron pointed out last night that if you’re viewing this site at 800×600 then you probably missed the navigation at the top right of this page. DOH. Going to have to rethink that.

I really hate having to dumb down the site, but it’s silly to exclude potential viewers. So I have yet another change to crank out sometime this morning.

Sarah as an excellent entry posted this morning. Go read it now!

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  • Charles February 19, 2003   Reply →

    Actually, FWIW, there’s a LOT more 800×600 viewers than you may think–almost half the web surfers in the world, actually:

    According to TheCounter.com, as of January 2003, based on over 330,000,000 hits total, here’s where things stand:

    640×480 = 2% (who the heck ARE these people???)
    800×600 = 46%
    1024×768 = 40%
    1152×864 = 3%
    1280×1024 = 4%
    1600×1200 = less than 1%
    Other/Unknown = 4%

  • Ron February 20, 2003   Reply →

    Dumb down? What the heck is THAT supposed to mean. I’m nearsighted, not stupid!

    Just kidding.


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