Dallas Winter

Michelle, Jes, Jen & IWhile I was trekking cross-country a severe cold weather system left Dallas iced over for two days. I actually passed through the storms during my drive to Sacramento (who would expect 3 inches of snow in Albuquerque, New Mexico?) and I was happy that I didn’t get delayed longer while sitting at Sacramento International Airport. Can someone explain to me why the south doesn’t bother to salt their roads and thinks dumping tons of sand makes the least bit of difference?

Despite the weather and a slight migraine Michelle & I ventured out last night to join Jen, Jes & Co. They were properly heckled for having their celebration on a week night which prevented us responsible people (ok, older folks) from partying to the level expected at such an event. We hung out for a couple of hours drinking & gabbing with everyone, but made it an early night as I was still whipped from my two day trip. (Those pictures should go up tonight after class)

I’ve decided that I need to buy another camera specifically for outings like last night. While the quality of the new Olympus is unmatched, it certainly is not user-friendly for whipping up spontaneous action footage. Jen grabbed some pics on her digital camera and I’ll bug her for copies to post here.

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