Alive & Well

Received my first ever “Why aren’t you bloggin’?” e-mail from Katie (cool beans). She was concerned that I had once again become enthralled with a cute wood elf nymph and muscle atrophy was beginning to kick in from 48 hours of non-stop gaming on EverQuest.

Not to worry. As Ryan put it “Monks bleed all over anything anyway” and actually my schedule’s been too busy to engage in another rousing adventure of corpse retrieval.

Yesterday I officially returned to college. My brain hasn’t completely kicked into “school” mode yet and I’m sure there will be some head-butting as I’m not really a rules kind of guy. (What do you mean I can’t eat BK in class?) It feels more like high school than college, but hopefully things will loosen up in the upcoming weeks.

My evenings have been spent finalizing a DVD project for a local comedian. Working a bunch with Fred who’s doing a tremendous job with the editing.

Michelle & I will be downtown tonight to see the Spurs play the Mavericks. Should be another entertaining evening as MICHELLE IS A SPURS FAN and they are the visiting team.

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  • the evil queen March 20, 2003   Reply →

    you have such cute cats. i love them!

    xoxo, jared

  • Tom March 20, 2003   Reply →

    Link, link, linkaroo!

  • Katie March 21, 2003   Reply →

    I had no idea you were returning to college. That’s so exciting, although I have to say I hope to God you are not a procrastinator. The EQ addicition hit its highest for me during finals week one quarter. I would do anything to put off studying, and EQ was so readily available and all that I would look up from my screen and say, “When did it get to be midnight?! ^%@*%$#@ I haven’t even looked at my Econ notes! Okay, after I kill this last spawn, I am going to bed. If I wake up at four am, I can study and then go straight to the test.” And a short four hours later, I’d say, “Okay, I really have to quit this *(^%$#$% game. Damn you Macy!”

    You are officially warned! Michelle (and kitties), if you read this, keep him away from it! He must study not slay Sand Giants!

  • Katie March 21, 2003   Reply →

    P.S. How was the game? Final score: The Spurs take it 112 to 110. Way to call the cards, Michelle.

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