Woo Hoo!!! Spurs 112, Mavs 110

TimLast night’s game was AMAZING!!! It was much better than the last game we attended at the American Airlines Center. Close games are always fun as you’re glued to your seat until the very end.

It was interesting to watch the love-hate relationship the Dallas home crowd has with guard Steve Nash (because of his anti-war opinions). On one hand he was booed when he entered the arena and subsequently whenever his name was mentioned early in the game. Later small cheers roared when he scored rising to hysteria as the game was THAT close. Heh, kinda hard to dis the guy when you want him to win games for you.

OK, have to run to class now, but I posted some old EverQuest character info (dug up from my old website) for Katie & Ryan. And thanks to Tom over at Orby Online for linking up with me.

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  • Katie March 21, 2003   Reply →


    As class always comes before EQ (right!?), I will say I hope you had a good day at school before I say that your EQ page was pretty snazzy. Damn you, however, for making me want to run around setting off the chain of three with Proon, Droon, and Broon.

  • Katie March 21, 2003   Reply →

    No game comment though, sorry! See last post. Okay, okay, I’ll say it again: Woot! Michelle called it! =)

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