Bed please…

Recovering from a long school day. Normally, I would ramble on about this weekend’s events, but let me sum up for you then point you to the photo gallery:

Saturday Night – Rocked our asses off after leaving Tiki Bobs and joining Jen at Have A Nice Day Cafe. So sooooooooo good to catch up with Jen, our premiere party girl.

Sunday Afternoon – Michelle & I went to Ft. Worth to catch Geoff doing sportbike tricks at Pennington Field. Saw Daniel & Meg (pics soon), rode the track in Daniel’s Mustang (video coming soon), and then witnessed Geoff bounce off the pavement when the wind swept him off his bike while doing a standup trick. Geoff ended up with a cracked rib and we waited for Kendall to come out with a truck so we could haul the bike back to Geoff’s.

I’ve homework to do so you checkout this weekend’s pics and I’ll catch ya tomorrow.

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  • Katie March 25, 2003   Reply →

    How is school going anyways? Maybe it’s too early to tell. =)

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