No Computer, No Internet.

sunsetEvening all. I wanted to thank the wonderful people who wished me a happy birthday the other day. I especially wanted to thank my parents who adorn me with love & support always, Knoll who was the first person to call me, Katie who was the only person to send me a birthday card and Amy who always sends me birthday wishes even though we’re so far apart. And all the groovy people who left comments here and e-mailed me – Jared, Ryan, Charles, Rick, Jen, Sarah, my sister Lesli, my cousin Anchie, Fred & Jeff.

Thank you.

It’s been an interesting week. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to write about it, it just won’t be anytime soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  • Katie April 3, 2003   Reply →

    You’re welcome, A.J. =) I hope you had a great day… and sorry this is so delayed!

  • Katie April 3, 2003   Reply →

    One more thing–the pic of you and your sis as children is too cute. You were both such young hipsters.

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