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photo of twinsI envy those folks that have the ability to write at a moments notice without the need for repetitive editorial processes. I seem unable to tap that part of my brain that allows me to instantly put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and just write. I would post more frequently if it weren’t for the fact that an entry for me could literally take an hour’s worth of time. I’ll type & retype, read & reread, spell check, then read again and that’s if I haven’t spent 20 minutes editing a photo. Because I don’t just want to resize a photo and post, I want it to look good. So what my photography skills lack I make up for with some decent PhotoShop know-how.

Of course, time is a commodity these days and Michelle will be the first to tell you we don’t have enough of it. I recently made an agreement with Michelle that I would spend less time on the computer because her perception has been that it’s a must have for me. She’s probably correct, if I’m not reading any number of blogs then I’m knee-deep in world news. Of course this leaves little time for me to actually churn out an entry which means I have to be way more efficient doing so. But I worry, will the quality of this blog suffer? Do you folks actually give a damn about the quality of this blog? Categorically speaking, I’m probably all over the place. The Mad Pony girls have cornered the market on “all fluff, no stuff”, Dawn & Jared cover both ends of the political spectrum, while Sarah and the Hose Monster make any topic seem interesting. And there’s all the questions I have yet to answer for Katie. I can’t imagine they spend countless hours going over their entries before posting, but somehow I do.

(imagine that 20 minutes and counting)

Moving on to last weekend. [keep writing, don’t proof read] Michelle & I had a wonderful time in Austin. We got to see her nephew Michael play in a baseball tournament (really some unranked practice matches) and of course her sister’s twin babies are a bunch of fun. (We love other people’s children because we can spoil them and give them back when we’re done). Mother Nature gave us decent weather all weekend and Sunday she held the rain off until the last game was over. I’m happy we weren’t here for the hail storm that hit Dallas.

The only part of the trip that sucked was the driving. Not the actual drive because Michelle & I traded 8 hour road trips every weekend for a year, but dealing with STUPID DRIVERS can really wear on my nerves. Here’s a couple of ideas I think should be turned into law:

1. The left lane IS the fast lane. If you suddenly feel the urge to cut me off by moving into the left lane don’t immediately slam on your breaks because you think I’m too close. Nobody should be too close in the left lane. If I’m too close, you’re going too slow and should move to the right.

2. Big rig trucks should not be allowed to change lanes. I think truckers enjoy cutting off other vehicles. It never fails, I’ll be zipping along in the fast lane and notice two trucks following each other in the right lane. Just before I pass the rear truck the driver will change lanes and pass the front truck. I’m sure they’re on their CBs saying “Wait for it… wait for it… NOW!!!”.

OK, I’m just going to spell check this entry and post it… any urge to rewrite it completely will be ignored for at least 10 minutes…

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  • kristin April 8, 2003   Reply →

    oh gosh, i wish i could just sit down and pump out a post.

    with us, usually we have to find a picture first. something cute, funny, or just completely weird that we want to write about. then comes the brainstorming. i often write a post in my head during class or make notes on scraps of paper at work.

    it usually takes me 30 minutes at least to finally type my post, followed by another 15 of revising and reworking. it would take longer if i could actually spell, but i’ve been told that the mispellings are part of the charm. whatever, less trouble for me and my spellchecker. 😀

    anyway, don’t let the posting troubles get you down. lauren has been taking a break lately for just that reason. if the rest of it have it any easier, it’s just because we’re stuck in mindless classes or mindless jobs which give us more mental time to devote to the blogs.


    what an absolutely adorable baby. ;D

  • the evil queen April 8, 2003   Reply →

    such cute photos!

    michelle reminds me of my friend debbie. tres cute!

    xoxo, jared

  • Katie April 9, 2003   Reply →

    I implore you to find one blogger who does not spend too much time reviewing/rewriting/spell-checking a post. Don’t feel bad–I promise I will never point a finger and snicker when the occasional typo rears its ugly head.

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