TAX DAY… dum.. da-dum dum

Why is it when I have the least amount of money I actually owe the Feds for a change? I was going to file an extension, but there was no reason to delay the inevitable. Although, I wonder if Uncle Sam will agree to my suggestion of $10 per month as payment on my taxes. Probably not. The one saving grace about stress is that given enough of it a person either cracks or gains a weird sense of equilibrium.

At the moment I have way more debt than I need given my income. Normally, I would be going insane right now, but as there’s no immediate answer to my financial woes I can’t foresee things getting any worse. $5k or $25k amounts to the same headache if you only have change for a $2 bill.

However, there is a bright spot. Michelle & I are doing much better and we had ourselves a great weekend with Geoff & Kathy. We joined them Saturday night in Garland where Geoff entered the new Saleen in a evening car show. Usually local shows are pretty small, but the turnout that afternoon was pretty good. I snapped off a few photos for you to view. After the show we saw Anger Management the new Adam Sandler flick with Jack Nicholson.

Sunday we headed out to Ennis to catch the Nopi Race Wars. The weekend weather was FANTASTIC. Spent the afternoon in the sun, Geoff snapped off more car pics and I caught some of the event on video. I’ll post Sunday’s pics once I get a CD from Geoff.

More later.

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  • the evil queen April 15, 2003   Reply →

    ack. debt. i hate it. i lucked out though and today i am a free woman. an unexpected oversight in payroll led to me getting 3 months of back pay in one lump sum. i used it to pay off the rest of my credit card debt and i’m saving the leftovers for a rainy day. like layoffs…ugh.

    don’t fret, you can do it!
    xoxo, jared

  • Katie April 15, 2003   Reply →

    Ouch, Evil Queen! Lol. While the rest of us suffer you get a windfall–congratulations! *grumble grumble* =)

    Good news for you, A.J.: As a student, you will get a nice break next year. $3000 in your favor because you pay tuition. See, there is something to look forward to after all. Now go pay Uncle Sticky Fingers (sneeze on the check before mailing it of course).

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