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picture of my nephewKatie posted about her nephew yesterday and how she would be a super hero if she added his picture to the site. I learned last night that I have also influenced the younger generation except I lead the way to porn… well that’s certainly NOT something to add to the resume.

Did your parents ever tell you about “Your crazy Uncle Larry” when you were a kid? You know, the only single one left in the family, the guy that drank too much, partied all the time and had no sense of social responsibility at all. He’d show up to all the big family get-togethers and most of the family would be polite, but they would tell the kids ahead of time “Don’t talk to your Uncle Larry, he’s trouble”. And maybe your Uncle Larry wasn’t such a bad guy. Maybe he was simply an adult doing the things that adults do and now he suddenly had to be aware of his influence on the family.

Me, I’ve always loved kids. Been watching kids, interacting with kids since the time I was one myself. At some point Michelle & I will have our own rugrats, but in the meantime I enjoy the weekends we visit her sister as we can horse around with our niece and nephews. I’m pretty good about adjusting my behavior in the presence of the kids, but I hadn’t given any thought to them, specifically Michael, viewing this website.

I think it’s great that my nephew likes to read these entries. I’m glad that Michael enjoys the photo galleries (and he actually plays at my arcade), but I didn’t anticipate the consequences of him clicking the links to other people’s websites. When Michelle told me that her sister called because Michael found porn on my site I was a little confused.

“Porn, I don’t have any porn on this site.”

“What’s Michelle’s Wonderland then?”

“It’s a web cam site, Michelle’s a local racer, the one with the Trans Am.”

“Oh, well Michael thought you made a link specifically for me.”

Now I can understand the confusion, but I was still surprised about the porn part. Turns out like many other cam girls, Ms. Wonderland (the name I will now use so as not to have her confused with MY Michelle) has outbound links from HER site to porn. Not the Jenna Jameson kind of porn, but topless chicks nonetheless. Oops. While any adult might refrain from clicking all the “rate my cam pics” links, Michael certainly isn’t old enough to distinguish the good from the bad. I felt like I gave him one of my Maxim magazines only to have him call the 800-hot-sexx number listed in the back page ads.

That being said, I have rearranged the navigation this morning and posted some warnings before those links send you anywhere. If you’re reading this Michael, tell your parents Uncle A.J. isn’t crazy, he just didn’t know you were growing up so fast. Oh and everything YOU want is located at the top right menu, just have your parents look at those links of the left before you start reading them.

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  • bootylicious April 17, 2003   Reply →

    Thank you babe for making the change and putting up the warning signs.
    Kids they just want to be adults already. What’s with that? 😀

    I love you!!

  • Katie April 17, 2003   Reply →

    That’s so true, and something I thought about only after Bhajan’s teacher commented on my site today. I started thinking, I wonder if I have said anything scandalous… Sure enough, I find myself in a position where I hope he limits himself to the pictures alone. I think I may be following your lead soon with the “Not Safe for Kids” tagline.

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