they say size doesn’t matter…

male looking down his pantsKatie mentioned that perhaps I’m getting a little out of hand with all the pictures of scantily clad women so I thought I’d whip up a peace offering.

(Yes, I know her comment wasn’t serious)

I say for all the marketing surveys that tell impressionable young girls that their bodies aren’t perfect (breasts are too small, hips are too big, etc) there are actually some of us that don’t fall into that trap.

You know what’s sexy? CONFIDENCE. Would you want to be with the guy in the picture over there? (I didn’t ask would you sleep with him) I totally dig Michelle NOT because she poses for pictures like this, but for knowing that model isn’t a better person because of her appearance. In fact, it was Michelle’s idea to do that photo and it was the model “Nicole” who hesitated just a bit. How can tall & leggy compare to arms like this? Michelle is my Jennifer Garner.

Don’t fall into the hype. There will always be somebody with more money, larger breasts, a bigger dick, more athletic or brains like Einstein. Capitalize on your strengths, be confident in who you are and if the other person can’t love you for that then they aren’t worth your time. I might not be John Holmes, but Michelle certainly isn’t with me for my financial status.

UPDATE – The votes are in for Katie’s Two Lies & One Truth game.

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  • Rick Lay April 25, 2003   Reply →

    Hey…. is that Ron? He’s really buffed up!

  • Katie April 29, 2003   Reply →

    Mmmmmmm. I know what I want for breakfast. Thanks A.J.–you are a fair man. =)

    BTW: confidence is good, I wouldn’t want to be with the man in the photo (he probably has one too many girlfriends for my tastes), and why did it take you posting a man to come up with this? Why not talk about confidence when your half naked girlies are up? Heh.

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