I missed that memo.

two cat picOK, so apparently I’m a little behind the times. Lots of people have already done the Text Twist, but it’s been a while since I got comments like “That’s so retro!” or “Wow, that was nostalgic.”

You’ll have to forgive me, I have a very long rant I want to post, but there’s just too much going on today. Michelle & I will be heading down to Corpus Christi later to see the niece & nephews and I need to hustle with the chores before we go.

Aargh… my brain just won’t cooperate this morning. Be sure to go visit the folks on my link list to your left especially Dawn who’s having posting issues, Katie because she’s been the most fun, Sarah needs help generating a FAQ, Ryan’s quest continues to meet Jennifer Garner, the Ward has a slick new layout, the Hosemonster because one day I will write that well and who could forget Tony who has more influence than he lets on.

Until next week…

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  • Katie May 2, 2003   Reply →

    I hope you and Michelle have great time with the kids! Perhaps you can be the hero and swing something that has to do with monster trucks. Heh.

    BTW, what are the kitties doing? I love the pic.

    And what’s up with the teaser rant? That’s an awfully lame thing to do on a Friday.

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