Spurs 96, Lakers 94… whew…

Not this time!“One game after overcoming a 16-point deficit, the Lakers nearly erased a 25-point hole before falling 96-94 when Robert Horry’s 3-pointer with 3 seconds left went in and out Tuesday night.”

Sometimes you dominate the game, sometimes luck is smiling upon you. The Spurs edged passed the Lakers tonight after dominating the first half. (I didn’t know until this evening that the majority of playoff series between the Spurs & Lakers have followed this pattern) You have to give it to Phil Jackson if the Lakers win it’s all in the coaching. His ability to make the most minute adjustments during a game almost got the Lakers a win going back to LA.

Michelle & I will be crossing our fingers & toes in hopes that the Spurs will close out the series on Thursday.

On a personal note, I received a pleasant e-mail from Aidan who happened to click over from Katie’s blog. I have to thank him once more for his compliments about this site and Michelle. Aidan has a remarkable site of his own and I’m humbled to think he liked my design as I’ve barely tapped the limits of Flash & other advanced techniques.

Will you look at the time… Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

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  • Katie May 14, 2003   Reply →

    Whoa, A.J., I caught a good portion of this game during dinner, and I have to say I thought the Spurs had it in the bag. WTF is up with the final score?! I mean, I’m glad they won and all, but really, why’d it end up so close?

    On another note, don’t trust Aidan. He looks baby bunny-rabbit harmless, but he’s really a LAKERS FAN in disguise!! Mwahaha!

  • Lauren May 14, 2003   Reply →

    I don’t follow pro basketball much, we’re all obsessed with the ACC college stuff here. Then again it might because we don’t have a pro basketball team anymore, or good pro teams in anything for that matter.

  • Aidan May 15, 2003   Reply →

    Man, I’d love to see a basketball game live one day… Living in the UK, that’s not exactly an easy thing to achieve.

    Thanks for the compliments, AJ and thanks for the mention. 🙂

  • Katie May 15, 2003   Reply →

    I see you didn’t update on Thurday either. Are you using Comcast also? Hmmmm…. =)

  • Katie May 15, 2003   Reply →

    Your boys (the Spurs) took it tonight too. Woot!

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