Spurs 110, Lakers 82 – See ya!!!

Thank God it’s over, Duncan ownz meIsn’t that a pickle? While Michelle & I are ecstatic that the Spurs handed the Lakers their ass on the court tonight, it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS that we missed the game. Yes, that’s right WE MISSED THE GAME. Not like we didn’t know the game was tonight, but did it have to end before we got home from seeing The Matrix Reloaded?


OK, so I was going to write my movie review (maybe later), but let’s just take a moment to say HOW SWEET THIS VICTORY IS!!!

Points to Kobe for being a gracious loser, but this house still doesn’t have any respect for Shaq.

(Thanks Katie for posting the happy news in the comment section)

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  • Katie May 15, 2003   Reply →

    First off, you are barred from complaining about anything at all whatsoever when you were out seeing The Matrix well before the rest of the world. *shakes head*

    Anyhow, Shaq is the biggest doofus (and the word doofus is fitting on so many levels when it comes to Shaq). What’s up with his free throw? I feel like this music should be playing in the stands everytime he takes a free throw shot.

  • Rick May 15, 2003   Reply →

    Hurry with the Matrix Reload review!

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