Spurs 119, Mavericks 106 – Series Tied 1-1

One down, three more to go.Look at me, posting three times today. Woot! I am the bloginator… heh.

Well, it certainly wasn’t pretty, but the Spurs managed to hold the lead in another game ridden with foul calls. This time the Spurs knocked down 24 foul shots before trailing off 10 of 18. As with Monday’s game the Spurs were aggressive from the start boasting a 25 point lead at the end of the first half. Against any other team this would establish a comfort zone, but the Mavericks were once again able to pull within 8 points. Coming into this series the Spurs had lost four out of five games where they had blown double digit leads. It was beginning to feel like history would repeat itself.

Fortunately some changes in personnel – Malik Rose for Bruce Bowen – gave the Spurs advantage in holding back the tide that is the Mavericks offense. There will be a lot of controversy over the officiating as Dallas quickly ran up technical fouls and Don Nelson was ejected from the game early in the first quarter. With the games tied at one a piece, both teams have proven that this will be another grueling series.

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  • Katie May 22, 2003   Reply →

    Three posts in one day AND a damn good Spurs game recap. Are you planning on a world-takeover or something?

  • PopDog May 23, 2003   Reply →

    Could care less about basketball but “Woot! I am the bloginator” 😀

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