Spurs 96, Mavericks 83 – Let’s Get Two More Wins!!!

This is why Duncan is the MVP!!!Well, you might be asking yourself why this post is happening after 3am… or not. Michelle & I caught the game, but seeing as Amy flew in from Michigan and we’re in Austin visiting our friends Jamee & Scott well hoppin’ on the `net wasn’t an immediate priority.

Damn!!! What a game we had tonight!!! It was a knock down dragged out tussle which ended with the Mavericks losing Dirk Nowitski midway through the 4th quarter. The refs let the two teams duke it out and the foul calling while still questionable at times was significantly less.

I have to say tonight’s game reminded me why I will never be a fan of Dallas teams. Before the game was over seats at the American Airlines Center (in Dallas) started emptying. Not ten minutes before the game ended, but the beginning of the fourth quarter.

I felt bad for the Mavericks because they deserve better from their fans. I think this has been a good series and both teams are playin’ their asses off. This is what the playoffs are all about and it’s disappointing that people would spend A LOT of money on tickets then bail just because their team might lose.

Well, it’s late and I should think about getting some sleep. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Weekend. I’ll hopefully post something late Sunday night after Game 4.

Taking pictures (as promised) to post when we get back and oh!

Happy Birthday Nanette!!!


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