Spurs 90, Mavericks 78 – Bring On The Nets!!!

We’re going to the finals!The Spurs were down by six at the end of the first half and it seemed like 13 points would be a tough lead to catch going into the 4th quarter, BUT give it up for Steve Kerr for making 12 POINTS COMING OFF THE BENCH. Not only did he tie the game up at 71 a piece, but he made all his three point attempts giving the Spurs the lift they needed to close out Game 6.

He gets my vote for MVP tonight.

After Game 5 it seemed the Mavericks figured crowding Tim Duncan from the basket was the key to victory as the rest of the Spurs avoided shooting the ball in their 4th quarter collapse. Tonight seemed like deja vu as the Mavericks jumped into the lead early and were aggressive on offense. With a double digit lead going into the 4th quarter the Mavericks shifted to cruise control giving Stephen Jackson a chance to light up the boards with some 3-pointers. Slowly the lead was whittling away and before the Mavericks realized it Steve Kerr was in the game and the Spurs offense EXPLODED.

A 23-0 run put any doubts to bed and now the Spurs need to get ready for Jason Kidd and the Nets.

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  • Katie June 4, 2003   Reply →

    Congrats! I hope you and Michelle did the Spurs proud in your celebratory efforts, and I am fairly certain you did…

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