No-Rad, because surviving a nuclear disaster is just the challenge you were looking for…

In the event of nuclear disaster, you’re f#cked!Damn, the marketing gurus beat me to the punch again. I was just thinking,

“How can I capitalize on the fear & paranoia of consumers today?”

Apparently, should you be fortunate enough to survive a nuclear disaster these magic pills will do battle with any leftover radiation that sees fit to turn your body into a grotesque mutation with zombie-like tendancies. Of course, who’s to say the guy that stocks up on these pills actually remembers to store lots of bottled water? Better yet, what if the bomb hits and you’re away from home?

“Aw crap, my pills are in my other jacket… Well, there goes the day.”

I doubt 28 days after any global disaster would be a picnic. Hmmm… I’ll take vaporization and instantaneous death for $2 Alex.

I’m still getting adjusted to my new schedule. I should be asleep now, but one of the gatos decided it would be nice to leave Michelle & I a gift in the form of a hairball on the bed. Clean sheets we got, but the comforter needs a washing. While Michelle drifts off to dreamland, I’m waiting for the next spin cycle to finish. Heh, why is it “our cats” are cute, but “my cats” cause all the trouble?


So in about 4 hours I’ll jump in the shower and drag my butt to school. This AM schedule will kill me if math class doesn’t first. Pretty soon I’ll be downing No-Dose with some Code Red Mountain Dews… Yup, that’s paints an interesting mental picture…

Maybe not for you…

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  • Katie June 4, 2003   Reply →

    Yeah, kudos to you, kind sir, for pointing out that only when the cats do something bad do they become the sole property of the ’real’ owner. Heh.

    And, hey, what’s so bad about your body becoming a grotesque mutation with zombie-like tendancies? Have you seen me at 6am pre-coffee? That would be an improvement! 😉

  • Roland June 5, 2003   Reply →

    No-Rad reminds me of Rad-Away, a very similar (fictional) product used for ridding your body of radiation in the excellent PC RPG Fallout. All we need now is some Rad-X (pills that prevent you from getting irratdiated in the first place), a huge underground bomb shelter/city complex, and a load of guns, and we’re set for a life of success in a post-apocolypic wasteland.

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