Spurs 93, Nets 83 – One More To Go!!!

Hey, look at that I happen to have `net access at my hotel here in SAN ANTONIO. Too bad the Spurs were playing away tonight. Tickets for Game 6 go on sale tomorrow if we’re lucky Michelle & I will have ourselves a pair.

Tonight’s game was much better than the 28% performance on offense in Game 4. The early surprise was Jason Kidd who shot 29 points total to lead his team. Had the rest of the Nets been on the ball this might have been a different game. Fortunately, Tim Duncan also gave an impressive performance and have I not said they NEED TO PLAY STEVE KERR MORE. Once again he came off the bench and scored immediately. No one else can come off cold and play as well. Yes, he might not have the stamina for a full game, but with Tony Parker a question mark each game you need to get the ball in the hands of a proven vet.

Well, I could ramble on some more, but access to this public terminal is timed. I’m sure Sunday nights game will be a big one and I’m glad the Spurs came away with this win tonight.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be checkin’ back in Sunday night.

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    Hey man, just stopped by for the first time . . . loved the site. Keep up the great work.

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