Cats don’t have navels….

I’m anything but ordinaryI’ve got the schizophrenic blues,
No I don’t… Yes I do.

There are days when I question my mental health, but then I realize the true problem is I think entirely too much. By that I mean my mind is constantly processing every moment, analyzing each detail, calculating the probability of a positive outcome or checking my list of disaster recovery options in the event of a some unforeseen accident.

Thank God for Yahoo’s gaming site. Sure my European counterparts have marijuana (O the envy), but after playing Collapse for six hours straight I get the same zoned out look and the need for pizza & beer.

I envy my cats. They must sleep at least 16 hours each day. They get two meals a day guaranteed, in-house gym equipment, luxurious sleeping quarters and they can have all the kitty dope they want without fear of showing up on an episode of Cops. (Back in the day we tried rollin’ a fatty out of some catnip, almost as smart as whippits)

Cats don’t suffer from anxiety (Bailey being the only documented exception). Cats don’t have to have goals. Cats aren’t overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility nor do they have neato super hero outfits.

If you or any of your friends can find the point to this entry, comment quickly before reasonable thought takes over.

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  • I found your site thru a comment post you did on Up Yours. I’ve enjoyed reading here and will visit again. I don’t play Collapse, but I’ll bet I have the same look after several hours of browsing blogs for something interesting to read while I’m at work…haha.

  • Cyn July 8, 2003   Reply →

    *comfort* Time to pull out the right-brain activities, A.J.

  • melly July 8, 2003   Reply →

    See, I have this addiction to ’Word Whomp’ on, except I don’t experience the munchies after playing it.

  • Lauren July 8, 2003   Reply →

    I often think about re-incarnation, and somewhat believe in it. If I can come back, I’d like to come back as a dog. Not only do I envy their life [similar to cats!], but I could be a great source of comfort and love for someone.

  • Da Goddess July 14, 2003   Reply →

    They DO have navels…you just have to look harder to find them because of the fur. (All animals require an umbilical cord for nourishment…even reptiles in eggs)

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