I need to clean out my IExplorer Favorites because I’ve added too many damn blogs. Here’s a list of random websites you should visit:

Acidman – I admire any man who has a bionic penis and writes about it.

This Chick – Props to Sarah whose website I came across while searching the MT forums this morning for answers on how to add the category ID to my blog entries. Thank you!

Bill Palmer, Mac Guy – Bill knows his Mac and he doesn’t lay the smack down when us PC folk badger him with questions.

Postcards at – The photos impressed me, but I was also motivated by the PHP gallery layout.

Brain Farts – OK, I dug the hipster layout, but Sean gets linked for the Options & Water Fountain story (HINT – snap a photo of the water fountain and post it on your blog). – Hey I found a cat blog… err cat gallery… err a pretty cool cat website. Mi gatos will be quite jealous. – Gets props for the online art. Anybody that actually can pull off a vector drawing gets a thumbs up for actually using the skills I have yet to acquire.

Someone Called James – I should have linked and worshiped James long ago when I lifted the correct syntax for a “New Window” checkbox from his site. My apologies for not having the genius to code my own shit.

Tales From The City – Because Homer Simpson quotes are funny and I wish MT could spice up my comments like Blogger. – I would have been Uber-Computer-Graphic man had there been cool computer classes when I was in school.

Two Muses – Added to my Favorites during that whole May Day Project thing as I thought their entry was very unique design-wise.

OK, that should do it. If I make the list too long you won’t get a chance to visit those links. Still plenty to do offline; anybody got friends in Dallas needing to hire a super groovy computer guy?

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  • Acidman July 10, 2003   Reply →

    What’s NOT to admire about a guy with a bionic dick?

  • Choz July 10, 2003   Reply →

    Damn. Looking at those links made me realise I need to go through mine and clear out some junk.

    :: looks at the several links she has no idea as to why they are there :: ……

  • Aidan July 10, 2003   Reply →

    lmfao! Guy totally looks like a porn star.

  • Charles July 10, 2003   Reply →

    Well talk about the small-world syndrome…

    Step 1: Visit Bill Palmers’ website
    Step 2: Visit his still-in-beta new site at
    Step 3: Check out the in-progress Businesses Using Macs database (link at top of the new site)
    Step 4: Note the Brainwrap link at the bottom of the page (I’m providing his hosting as well as having configured his database script for him) 🙂

    How’s that for co-eenkie-deenkies?

  • Roland July 11, 2003   Reply →

    anybody got friends in Dallas needing to hire a super groovy computer guy?

    Damn, sorry, they only want a fairly mundane computer guy. Better luck next time, eh? 😉

  • Choz July 13, 2003   Reply →

    LOL Roland….

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