This is the fastest entry ever…

Another week set to blaze by and another quick lunchtime update.

(Should I rediscover my inner child or uncover my sanity I will attempt a return to incubated well thought out posts)

Noticed an entry about blogging which immediately spun into why I dislike Blogspot. It never fails that when I come across an entry I wish to reference the permalink is somehow broken or unavailable. At first I wanted to vent my frustrations on the blog owner who I perceived as lazy or inept at keeping proper archives, but more & more I’m beginning to think this is just the price those folks pay for using Blogspot.

Visit this website and scroll the page (or search) for The Ten Commandments of Blogging. I thought I’d throw in my few bits before heading back to the office.

A Successful Blog Requires The Following:

1. Frequently updated content like Acidman. I don’t know anyone who is all over their blog like this man.

2. Your own innovative writing style like Tony Pierce. Often imitated, never duplicated, this master of the Photo Essay leaves audiences always wanting more.

3. Topics everyday folks can relate to, but written in excellence like Ryan McGee. Number one on my bloglist and the reason I strive to post on this very domain.

4. Comments from women who want you and guys who want to be you like Ryan Perry. Few can post about the benefits of oral sex and have volunteers lined up waiting.

5. Cam girl appeal without all the attention whoring & pop-ups like the Mad Pony girls. Not all websites run by young ladies have to include pouty lips and underwear dancing; some actually do well with hip, original writing.

6. Tons of content helps like Paul Katcher. This blog has something for everybody.

7. Posting without apologies like Ryan (The Ward). Having friends & family read his blog doesn’t prevent this blogger from putting fingers to keyboard for your reading pleasure.

8. Finally, you can simply be funny like Rob Wanska. I ever do the blogger road trip thing, he’s one of the first I visit (at Hooters) for a beer.

OK, time to get back to work.

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