Look at me! I can be funny!

Look at me! I can be funny! See, head in alligator’s mouth, that’s funny! Cmon now...Hmmm… it figures the day Rob takes a moment to tell people how super-groovy-cool my website is I’d welcome them with such a serious entry. Well folks, I hope you took the time to look around. I know I did just a minute ago and damn, I think some navigation cleanup is in order.

Overall the weekend went well, although I’m dead tired today. Michelle & I zipped out after work Friday as planned and we arrived at my cousin Wally’s house just before 3am Saturday morning. We probably would have made better time, but we counted almost 20 highway patrol cars (11 stopped speedsters), four highway accidents including a gas tanker that was on fire off the highway. (Yes, you can all scream at me for not stopping to take pictures, that would have been so blogworthy)

On Saturday if Michelle & I weren’t speaking to someone we were eating. Made small talk with my cousin Wally and his wife Baby, ate. Gabbed with my sister Lesli and her girlfriend Steph, ate. Went and picked up my parents at my Aunt Caring’s house, loaded food in the car to take back to Wally’s house, ate. Then we made the trip to visit my Aunt Maggie and the sisters made sure she ate.

I’m not prepared to talk about the visit at length just yet, but it was a good afternoon.

After visiting with my Aunt Maggie we drove across town to see her daughters and grandchildren. We crashed a birthday party and it was amazing to see the changes in my cousins after so many years. My cousin Maya, now with three daughters, I hadn’t seen since I sang at her wedding 15+ years ago. My cousin Amy stopped by with her kids and she’s a grandmother!

And then we ate. I swear every time I turned around on Saturday somebody was handing me food. I’m not complaining, between the crab legs, barbecue, gumbo, crawfish, spicy dogs and birthday cakes, it was all I could do to down some beignets & coffee before we did any drinking that evening. (Beignets are fried squares of pastry generously topped with powdered sugar, yummy must have treats when visiting)

Lesli, Steph, Michelle & I ended up at the French Quarter that evening to get a taste of the New Orleans night life. We didn’t make too much of a ruckus as the thought of driving 9+ hours hungover quickly came to mind after a few shots of Jaeger.

Everyone took off the next morning. My parents got an early start at 6am, while Lesli & Steph headed to the airport about 8am. Michelle & I made another trip to see my Aunt Maggie and Maya & the girls caught us in the room. I snapped off a couple of quick pictures (which I couldn’t do Saturday) and then we headed back to Dallas.

To get a better look at that crazy gator photo checkout the album from the weekend..

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  • Rhys September 29, 2003   Reply →

    “I know I did just a minute ago and damn, I think some navigation cleanup is in order.”

    Hell. As long as my link is still on the front page, knock yourself out (not literally).

    Oh, and whilst you’re at it, turn it bold, make it ten times bigger, and change the text to ’The best blog in the world ever’.

  • Cyn September 29, 2003   Reply →

    Then change the font to white. *smirk*

  • Lauren September 30, 2003   Reply →


    Oh, that’s funny [the part about the white font].

  • ryan September 30, 2003   Reply →

    Man, that dude with the breasts…that ain’t right.

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