On top of old Smokey…

Sorry you had to be here yesterday to appreciate my train of thought.

Currently in Corpus Christi visiting with Michelle’s sister’s family (We only saw FIVE accidents driving down from Dallas last night). Needed some family time before my schedule becomes so busy that I will rarely see the sun. Not that I’m complaining, it’s all part of the master plan. Executing it will be the challenge.

The day time gig is going well. I’m diggin’ the teaching thing although the company I work for requires evaluations at the end of every class. The constant pressure of perfection is a little daunting, but I’m happy to report my scores continue to improve.

Next week I’ll be attending school in the evenings after work. That will make for the dreaded 5am-11:30pm weekdays. Whether or not I maintain that schedule for the next 10 months remains to be seen. If school gets too heavy then I may scale back on classes, but I’m hoping to finish as quickly as possible (I’ve already tested out of a few semesters).

OK, I’m out.

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  • god October 12, 2003   Reply →

    hi a.j., i’m god. i love your stuff and i’m a big fan. can i quote some of your stuff on my site?


  • A.J. Wood October 12, 2003   Reply →

    If god ever quoted me that would be a first.

    I think I’d have to sell t-shirts or something.

    Thanks for the comment and feel free to grab a quote or two.

  • Melissa October 12, 2003   Reply →

    Hey AJ, shoot me an email when you get the chance. Wanted to tell you something, but can’t find your email addy anywhere. Thanks!

  • god October 12, 2003   Reply →

    Thanks A.J. for your permission. I hope you sell lots of DVDs cause you rule!

    A.J. of Azarok.Com

    ?This thoughtful gentleman is looking for that spiritual connection.?
    ?Educated? ?Professional? ?Maybe I’m out of touch? ?Sorry you had to be here yesterday to appreciate my train of thought? ?Hell, they even demonstrate that you? ?will rarely see the sun? ?it’s all part of the master plan? ?Free spirit? ?Friendship First? ?Open-minded? ?Spiritual? CAN YOU SAY THE MOST AWESOME F#CKIN’ SHOW EVER?!?!???!?

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