It’s Only Tuesday…

And yet I am seemingly stuck in limbo unable to move forward. There was a time when I simply would have made the “sick” phone call and skipped work knowing full well when I woke up that it was not going to be a good day.

Knowing it’s not going to be a good day is not the same thing as waking up in a shitty mood. My mood was fine, clouded in an enormous head cold, but okay. Stubbing my toe when I stepped out of bed was just a small indication of the events to come.

Dragging in my comatose state I headed out late for work. Actually, I probably would have come in under the buzzer if not for the fender-bender I had getting onto the highway. Not a big deal, no damage or injury thank goodness, but I await the letter that will surely arrive in the next few weeks that claims thousands of $$$ in vehicular damage.

All this before 8am.

Stopped at home for lunch to pick up packages that needed to be mailed and discovered the electricity was shut off. Called the power company, was on hold for 45 minutes – the exact amount of time I spent waiting at the post office. Turns out they received my payment (I knew this because I verified the bank withdrawal), BUT they didn’t post the amount right away. So with the disconnect comes a $200 reconnect fee PLUS $100 if I wanted the power on today. Well YEAH, I wanted the power on right away. I paid the fees, called Michelle to give her a heads up and hoped the day would end soon.

Soon hasn’t arrived yet. After work I called the power company as the electricity still hadn’t been turned on. I was told earlier that we’d be good by 5pm, a second discussion moved the timetable to before midnight.

I’m up at school. Michelle’s home sitting in the dark with wet hair after taking a cold shower (which probably was reserved for me). Thank goodness the apartment temperature shot up and the humidity will dry her hair quick.

In the meantime, I’m still up here at class until 11:30pm. I’ll get home about midnight and hope the power is on. If not, the cold shower waiting for me will be the most pleasant part of tomorrow…

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  • Kristen October 21, 2003   Reply →

    Wow, you’re bad day beats mine hands down. Good luck with all that!

  • Jer and Mel October 23, 2003   Reply →

    Well… it’s now Thursday… and you’re still writing… we assume Michelle didn’t kill you over the electricty…

    Otherwise… we are sorry you had such a “crap-ass” day (Mel’s words…mine are NC17).

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