Almost… ALMOST… the weekend…

Sitting at school, reading the captions y’all left me. Fun stuff, laughed I did, thank you. It looks like Tony Pierce graced my comments. It’s cool to think of Tony reading my blog, but then I’m happy to know that YOU are reading (and YOU and YOU and YOU).

Happy to see the weekend is almost upon us. Not much planned, but then I take a great amount of pride in that these days. I’ll get two whole days with my baby and NFL Sunday.

On that happy note, let me once again take moment to recognize the folks in California who are not as fortunate as yours truly atm. Our prayers and happy thoughts are still with you, and no I’m not as fundamentalist as the crazy folks Melissa mentioned. (This story is a must read, oh the controversy, O the stupidity, I think I could scare that pastor straight no problem)

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  • god October 31, 2003   Reply →

    happy halloween!

    i’m going as a run-of-the-mill, supreme being…

    ha ha ha…

  • Melissa October 31, 2003   Reply →

    yeah, and i’m still going as that crazy broad with a blog lol…i’d like to put a little fear into that pastor myself, with a baseball bat…sorry god.

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