2004 has arrived…

But wait I’m not ready for another year yet!!!

Apparently, I’m not ready for a blog update either. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas pics, let me give you a quick summary of our trip:

Notable Quotes
Ron’s girlfriend Kate – “It looks like Christmas f#ckin’ puked all over this neighborhood.”

Charles on politics – “Democracy is just messy business.”

Cliff talking about me – “Let’s just say he thought obeying red traffic lights were optional.”

It was great to get back to Michigan for Christmas. Not that I miss living there (I don’t), but it’s a shame some of my best friends are far away. There’s never enough time during these once a year visits as I make it a point to catch up with everybody. That feat is nearly impossible and for those people I do see it’s a hurried recap of everything that’s happened since we last got together. The pictures say it all so I’m cheating yet another entry.

I haven’t given any thought to New Year’s resolutions. Many a suggestion have been thrown my way, but really I’m just hoping the craziness of last year won’t repeat itself. I expended a lot of energy on several projects that seemingly went nowhere. I’m here in 2004 with a daily schedule that is still insane. (Really, am I just too old to be up at 5am for work and down after 12am from school?)

Well, another work day calls me. Here’s hoping each day is better than the previous.

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  • Rob January 2, 2004   Reply →

    Dude I know what you mean. I have the same problem when I go to visit my folks in Ohio. There’s never enough time to get around to visit them, plus all my friends who are still there. Subsequently, we don’t get to visit someone and they get pissed. Bastards.

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip – now start updating the site, pally!

  • Lauren January 2, 2004   Reply →

    Hey!! I got your card today, thanks so much 🙂 Hope you had a good hoilday

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