What would you do for love?

Love is a swift kick in the nuts.

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside… oh wait, not my line. The power of love is a scary thing. It conjurs so many different emotional states it is not uncommon to see someone go from a state of bliss to insecure paranoia to jealous rage to joyous relief all in the same breath.

Or am I the only one who does that?

When it comes to relationships I have always approached things in a logical Vulcan manner. Every move is calculated, my pros & cons list is on hand and the 50% rule is generally in effect (If Happiness + Time > 50% then Double-Thumbs Up).

Trouble is planning, guidelines & sanity go out the window when you love somebody. Love is not meant to be rationalized. (This explains Carmen Electra’s time with Dennis Rodman, but is not an excuse for Michael Jackson’s sleeping habits) “Love is a battle, love is war, love IS the ultimate outlaw.”

I wonder, how do we even know we’re in love? Maybe true love has to be tested. Maybe it’s only by moving past the wild-monkey-sex, surviving the routine, enduring the inevitable fights & bickering that you appreciate and learn to understand love.

Love is acceptance. Love doesn’t have good days and bad days. Love isn’t a mood. Love is commitment without hesitation. Love is perfect in “the moment” but there is no perfect love.

Last night I was reminded of how powerful & exhausting love can be. I feel pretty lucky, but then Michelle would tell you I’m blessed….

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