Ooh, I’m feelin’ feisty today…

I tend to think I’m an easy-going type of guy. Generally polite, I’m not one to make waves unless I feel particularly affected by something. Then there are the days where certain types of folks flip the little switch inside and BAM here comes the mischief.

If you are the type of person who would cross over two lanes of traffic to cut me off only to stop to throw out change in a TOLLTAG LANE then don’t be surprised if I run into you. Whoops! Did you just throw your change out onto the highway? Hey lady, I’m not the one stopping traffic in the middle of a TOLLTAG LANE and look there are ten cars behind me all honking at YOU. Might be a good idea to get off that cell phone and drive.

Amazing how some people are compelled to answer their cell phone when it rings. Doesn’t matter where they’re at, what’s going on, if it’s even appropriate, just “RING! Hey, Bob here. Wassup?” And why is it people will wear those earbuds while they walk around in public, but the same people don’t use the damn things while they drive? I walked into the restroom this morning and heard a guy in conversation. He’s in the first stall so I’m thinkin’ the second stall is being used.

<off topic>I hate public restrooms. I was once mugged at a urinal so I prefer a stall whenever possible.</off topic>

Before I can check the second stall the guy steps out and he’s wearing an earbud talking on his cellphone. Dude walks right passed me and out of the restroom. Any other day I probably would have let it go, but I quickly followed him out and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Look, not flushing the toilet after you took a dump I get that. That phone call is probably important and pinchin’ out a loaf without making so much as a grunt is quite an accomplishment. But seriously, not washing your hands afterwards? Dude, that’s gross.”

Now if I can just get in the habit of taking a cell phone pic when these things happen.

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