Continuing Cell Phone Saga…

Continuing my rant from yesterday I had a student in class this morning answer their cell phone during my lecture. Normally they take the call outside or quickly turn off their ringer, but this lady chose to keep talking.

For those stubborn few I can generally stop the class (a tip I picked up from Ben) and they get the point and quickly end their conversation. This morning I was not so lucky and I had to take a slightly more aggressive approach.

“Excuse me, but if that call is important you’re welcome to take it outside.”

“Well this IS an important call – THANK YOU.” (the lady goes back into her phone conversation)

“Hey, don’t thank me. Thank everyone else who’s sitting here politely while you interrupt the class.”

I don’t think I’ll be making it on her favorite instructor list, but she did get off the phone.

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  • John February 19, 2004   Reply →

    Without fail some asshat in my us history class will get a call every lecture. You know they are a dumbass before they even answer the call, because the people who don’t turn their phones off in class are the same people who have been using the same “Jay Z Big Pimpin’” ring tone since high school

  • Lauren February 22, 2004   Reply →

    Oh lord, I always want to hide under the desk when my phone rings in class… I feel bad. My poli sci professor answers student’s phones and makes fun of them, hence people NEVER let their phones rings.

  • Adam February 23, 2004   Reply →

    That’s the occasion when you tell the person to shut the f#ck up. I’m sure it’ll work!

  • Jer February 23, 2004   Reply →

    As I’m more apt to do what Adam said, I like Lauren’s prof’s approach.
    I’d embarss them so bad, i’d either get sued, or no one would bring a phone to class.

    my luck… sued.

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