plug me back in please

Feelin’ a little out of the loop. Instead of running down the list of what’s been keeping me away, I’m leaving myself a To Do List:

1. Write three essays for tomorrow’s Psychology class. (Guess I’ll get to that after finishing this blog entry)

2. Import the rest of my old blog entries. (Had to include something about the website)

3. TAXES. (Err… maybe I need to file an extension?)

4. Finish working on two client websites. (Hey, at least those projects are started)

5. Work on my portfolio. (This is an ongoing project for this semester)

6. Scrape up extra cash for a new workstation. (Anyone want to steal my current workstation?)

7. Fix all the scripts broken by my webhost. (Maybe I’ll get the site mods done while I’m here)

8. Catch up on all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to read. (I miss you all I really do)

9. Add 12 more hours to my day because that’s what I need to get caught up.

I need a professional to come in and lay some time management on me. Between work & school I’m not getting anything done… or I could just be procrastinating.

Give me the summer, a shot of Jaeger and a Long Island Ice Tea.

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  • god April 8, 2004   Reply →

    “Give me the summer, a shot of Jaeger and a Long Island Ice Tea.”

    i’ll have what your having! 🙂

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