Need a new web host

Good morning dear readers. needs your help. I would like some suggestions for a solid performing webhost. My requirements are as follows:

1. BANDWIDTH. It would be cool to upload more media content and not make the website slow down to a crawl.

2. Storage. If I’m going to post lots of files for you folks I need server space. Currently, the site takes up 300MB+.

3. Affordable. I would like to refrain from going the $50 a month route, but I’m thinkin’ the cheapie host is causing problems with the next category.

4. Reliability. When you say 99% uptime, you better damn well mean it. And tech support should understand the difference between a host file entry and DNS.

Any information would be HUGE. Aside from my hectic schedule, I’ve spent more time fixing the website lately than posting or finishing off updates. (Speaking of which, the gallery is back online, but as you can see not exactly looking great).

Happy Thursday y’all.

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  • Charles Gaba April 15, 2004   Reply →

    Here’s the hosting service that I use and strongly recommend to all of my clients:

    Far too much info to list here. Check ’em out, plenty of detail on the site. Uptime rating is excellent and customer services is top-notch.

    Oh, yeah, and if you do use ’em, drop my name so I can nab the $25 referral fee 🙂

  • Rick April 15, 2004   Reply →

    Hey A.J.,

    I have the Fatcow $99 a year plan (check out their site for the details), and I have had no problems on the web side of things…. I have had the occasional email hiccup, but I never went for more than a couple of hours without access to email.


  • melissa April 16, 2004   Reply →

    I’m not very web savvy (I know that’s a big shocker)when it comes to hosting companies, but I love Bloghosts. I think they have great plans as far as pricing and every time I’ve needed help (and you can imagine that has been several times) they have been right there every step of the way. I also haven’t experienced any down time. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Adam April 16, 2004   Reply →

    I’ve been using for quite a while now and they’ve been great – about two short periods of downtime in about 8 months isn’t bad going, though I don’t know if it’s as good as other places. You’ll probably find it’s about $15 a month for your sort of capacity.

  • Chad April 16, 2004   Reply →

    I use, and they’ve given me no trouble, and have been efficient thus far. Very reasonable, too.

  • mr. helpful April 16, 2004   Reply →

    i’m on hosting matters which is probably the walmart of the hosting universe but ive been very, very happy so far. the two questions ive emailed have been answered in less than twenty four hours and my site was only down once and that was because some ignoramous initiated a denial of service attack against a jewish blogger who happened to be on my server. even then the site admins did an admirable job of keeping lil ole me informed as to what was going on.

  • John April 17, 2004   Reply →

    I am using 1&1 right now. My site has only been down twice, both times for less than two hours, this year, and when it went down the first time I sent tech support an email which was responded to in less than 20 minutes, which impressed me.

    Also, I am payiny nothing for my first three years. It was a promotion they were doing and it might still be going on.

    Probably not the best host ever, but they’re cheap and reliable.

  • Cyn April 18, 2004   Reply →

    What kind of bandwidth requirements do you need? It might help narrow things down.

  • Sarah April 21, 2004   Reply →

    We currently use

    I’ve heard rave reviews about; thats what instapundit uses.

    I THINK these are both fairly well-priced.

    Good luck!

  • Fat Shady April 22, 2004   Reply →

    I’ve been using Surpass Hosting ( now for over a year and haven’t had any problems with them yet.

    At $4.94/month for 2GB space and 30GB band, I haven’t found a site that carries a better combo of deal + quality.

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